WordPress Web Design

myWebSource1, LLC has been around for the past eight years. In this time we have gone through many changes. One of these was the decision to switch all of our web design over to WordPress Web Design. The reason for this is quite simple: WordPress is easy to use for the customer, there is, literally, thousands of pages of material that can help you to find information and the platform allows us to accomplish nearly everything you wish in a web site. 

What Does WordPress Web Design Offer?

√ Shopping Carts
√ Menu Items
√ Recipes
√ Membership Programs
√ Galleries
√ Forms

These are all capable with a WordPress Content Management System. What increases the benefit to you, the business owner, is that a WordPress Web Design is also cost effective. It takes hours of coding out of our hands and places that money back in your pocket.

When considering a web site for your company, take into consideration that you will have to own a Domain Name and a Hosting Plan. The Domain Name is the identifying way to reach your web site. The Hosting Plan is the location where your files are stored to be retrieved on the internet. For more on this, read my article: Understanding The Difference Between Hosting and Domain.


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