Why Is LinkedIN Good For Business?

Is LinkedIN Good For Business?

By now, even if you are not a computer-savvy guru, you have probably heard of LinkedIN. This social web site is dedicated completely to connecting businesses and, more importantly, spreading the word about your web site. LinkedIN is my number one “go-to” social media site for promoting my businesses. Here’s why…

Whenever I write a business article, the first place I go to is LinkedIN.  While I started on this site around 2006, I learned most of the information by taking training courses in the web site.

Completely Fill Out Your Profile

LinkedIN works sort of like your web site or blog. It uses keywords to have people find you. This means that you want to have the keywords that other professionals will want to use to connect with you in your profile. Use your full name and as a descriptor, you might want to use “St. Louis Area Financial Advisor”. Think about how YOU would look for YOU and use these words. You also want to make sure that everything that can be filled out in the profile is complete. Have a head shot of yourself. Use your real first name. LinkedIN is all about advancing your career or meeting new clients, so you want to be honest. This is one of your most critical requirements for LinkedIN.


Reaching Out And Touching Someone

There are two ways to get people to become friends with you on LinkedIN. The first way, which is the slowest way of building your professional contacts, is to start with people you already know. I recommend this only because, just in the offline world, you may be introduced to new work through people that already know you. Also, your personal LinkedIN friends can also endorse you for different keyword skills that you have in your profile. The more endorsements you have, the more likely you are going to be found online by someone who may need your services.

The second way, and I find this to be the most powerful tool, is to join groups on LinkedIN. You can find these groups along the top banner. When I first joined LinkedIN, I signed up for any group that had a similar interest to my own, but I have learned since then to only sign up for groups that have many, MANY members. Why? Because I have a free LinkedIN account which allows me to only belong to 50 groups. I want to get the most out of the groups that I belong to, so you go for the most used.


So How Is This Helpful?

When you write a new post on your blog, you can paste the information into your update on your home page. Once you’ve done this, you will see an options for “Groups” at the botton of the page. It is here that you can send your information out to everyone IN those groups – whether they are your friend or not. I have been doing this type of promotion for about three years now and – without fail – I get a ton of people that come to my web sites and typically, I will gain a client from simply posting an article. Think about how potent this is for your post. If you have 50 Groups through LinkedIN – each of whom have 2000 members – you would reach ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people with just the click of a button. This is why LinkedIN is one of your most powerful tools in your arsenal.

James FowlerJames Fowler is a writer and web marketer who lives in Wadsworth, OH. He is the creator of http://www.myfivebest.com, a trivia blog of top five lists. Among his interests, besides helping businesses succeed include: his wife, Maggie, their dog and two cats.

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