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Build a Better BlogIf you are like most people who write a blog post, it can be highly frustrating when you realize that after all your hard work, no one is reading what you have written. You have taken time out of your day, put your thoughts into words and have posted your manifesto – but no one seemed to care.  What did you do wrong? Should you even continue doing this? How can you get people to listen to what you have to say?

After five years of writing blog posts, I can only tell you “Don’t worry.”

Here are some tips to help you succeed in writing a better blog and how to get people to read what you write.


Be Passionate or Go HomeBe Passionate Or Go Home

When it comes to writing a better blog post, your passion for the topic comes through. If you don’t care about the topic, then don’t even bother writing about it. People can see through that. I try to write on topics that just flow from my mind to my fingertips. If the topic is boring to me, it will become a chore to write even 300 words and the emotions I convey will show through the text. Write about what you love and try to help out others with your words. That will keep people coming back to read what you have to tell them.


Better Blog Posts Are InterestingBetter Blog Posts Are Interesting

It has been said that “any PR is good PR”. This is also true with your blog posts. When you are writing a post, stir the pot a little. Get people to think and argue with your stance. A little controversy is a wonderful thing. Once again, just make sure you are passionate about your stance and that you stand by what you are writing. An example of a controversial post is:

“Why You’re Wrong About Business Model And How I Can Prove It.”
” 20 Reasons You Are Poor”
“The Worst States To Start A Business”

These sound negative (and they are), but there purpose is to challenge the reader to take a look at your blog post. If you are “lucky” they may re-post what you have written or comment about how “wrong” you are. Give this idea a try. You will see that it works.


Use PicturesUse Pictures

People love pictures and videos. Why? Because it breaks up the monotony of reading your post. When you see something that helps you relate to what you’re reading, then the blog post takes on a happier feel. You don’t want to take over the post with pictures, mind you, but adding a few in here and there will make your readers enjoy your post more.


Bigger is BetterBigger Is Better

As I’ve said, I’ve been blogging for five years and I have found out that longer posts make better posts. It keeps the person on the web site longer and it helps to establish you with the search engines as an expert in your field. When your blog post is full of valuable information and can keep them reading longer, you will see better results. This being said, you are more than welcome to write a paragraph, as well. It won’t keep them on the page, but you might be able to provide some thought-provoking feedback from your readers with the right type of content. Ask a question and see what your readers have to say.  I would not suggest this unless you have a large following, though. It’s pretty embarrassing when you write a post and no one responds to your question.


Don't Do It For The MoneyDon’t Do It For The Money

If making money is your only goal, don’t bother. People do not like to be sold something. They want to learn and find valuable information they can use to make THEM money. They aren’t interested in what you are selling unless it benefits them. It’s a harsh reality, but it is true. If you are going to build a blog with the intent on making a few extra dollars, you are going to be disappointed.

For example, I have a friend of mine who is an attorney who wanted to start a video blog. He bought a camera and started talking about all of the areas of law that he was an expert in (and there were quite a few). However, no one was listening to him. He spent hours talking, adding his contact information into the footer of his videos, and offering prices, but no one cared. Over lunch one day, I suggested to him that he needed to switch his tactics and start talking to people as if they came into his office for a free consultation. Explain some of the new laws that were going into effect in his area and how they would impact the average person. More importantly, talk to the camera as if your audience was “Joe Average” off the street. An opportunity with new zoning laws came up and he did just as was suggested. His video blog posts started to get viewers overnight. By the end of the week, he went from an average of 6 views of his video to over 600 views! By not selling, but rather informing, his business has skyrocketed.

You can do this, as well. Talk to potential readers as you would talk to your family members or a friend. Take off your business hat and just be a person who wants to help others.

James FowlerJames Fowler is a writer and web marketer who lives in Wadsworth, OH. He is the creator of, a trivia blog of top five lists. Among his interests, besides helping businesses succeed include: his wife, Maggie, their dog and two cats.

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